There is a difference between discernment and fear, and many times we blame discernment when we should blame fear. Our decisions in life should be based off of God’s track record if we truly trust Him. Discernment is judgement, and according to the dictionary , ‘ (in Christian contexts) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual guidance and understanding’. But while we usually think that we believe it’s about us deciding what the right choice should be, it’s not. It’s about us trusting and knowing that God knows what the right choice should be. It’s about obedience to the direction we believe God is telling us to go. Our judgement comes in to play when we choose to trust God’s direction over ours. If that is the case, then when a door is open or an opportunity arises, our prayer shouldn’t be ‘God, help ME make the right choice’, it should be ‘God, make the choice’. We should run and know that God will stop us; He will shut the door if we aren’t meant to go through it.

In Genesis, God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham does not look for a way out of this. He does not try to figure out the best decision to make. In fact, when Isaac asks his father what the sacrifice will be, Abraham says that ‘God will provide the ram’. This isn’t Abraham saying, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘kinda hoping that you aren’t really gonna be burnt crisp, son’. Abraham truly trusts that God knows what best and will do the best thing for him. Spoiler alert: God provides a ram in a bush for Abraham to sacrifice. (Check out Genesis 22).

Discernment isn’t about us choosing a choice. It’s about us choosing to follow God and knowing that He will provide. It’s about obedience when you are presented with other options that may seem safer and less hard. So when the door opens or when you believe God is telling you something, don’t question it. Say, ‘God, I’m running for this. I trust you take provide ‘a ram’ if this isn’t what I’m supposed to do’.

Then run.

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