Still Amen

When Young Parker a.k.a. Jahri D. Cofield sent me this instrumental, I instantly knew what I thought the song should be about. I got to think of how when we pray, we end our prayers with ‘Amen’. Do you even know what ‘amen’ means? When we ask God for things, when we pray to him for safety, when we cry for help, when we vent in anger, when we tell our dreams and hope they will come true–when we pray and end our prayer with ‘Amen’, we are saying ‘so be it’. 
But is it still amen when those prayers aren’t answered the way we thought they should be? Is it still amen when ‘shit hits the fan’? Is it still amen when you don’t know the why, and nothing seems to make sense? When your relationship falls through…your bills pile up…someone you love dies… can you still say ‘Amen, so be it’? 
I’m learning to be there. That’s what this song is about.
“And if I never see the morning light again.
And if I never see my name in lights, well then
And if I never see the wrong turn right in the end
I’ll still end my prayer in Jesus name….Amen.”

Still Amen

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I’m not discontented at all
Just presented my future with my past rises and falls
And I’m trying to be present. See I’m learning who I should be.
Be present in who He is so I’m ready for when he calls.
See they taught me success is the same thing as greatness
But I’m calling their jest cause you can’t even rate this
I’ve seen people succeed, but they act to impress
Sometime being the greatness means being less. I confess.
I’m a mess, but I’ve seen stages and felt lights.
I’d rather be nameless under the name Christ.
So I’ma go like Ima blow up the mic right
then say, ‘God, take it. I’ll go home with my hot wife’.
Trust me, if God will then I trust him.
My will kills. His will is better cause it’s custom.
Cuss Him cause my hill’s higher to climb? Adjustment.
If when I die they say ‘God was in him’ that’s my success.


They always ask me 
how you so strong 
so patient and kind 
when the people talk about you
you look back and you smile 
when the car break down
your reaction ain’t wild
and when you get knocked down 
you dont throw in the towel 
I said whats in your vision 
is his wisdom living in me
a product of many nights 
bending down on my knees 
cuz when my hope is lost 
thats where I find all my peace 
turning all my problems small 
and then remember to breathe
Id be fakin if I said when I fall
I always get up 
easily because I know thats false 
I got some hiccups 
But I learned from my pops 
to persevere and keep it moving
cuz long as you do get back up
you aint losin 
I could my cars,
I could Lose my money,
I could Lose my clothes 
and I could lose a homie 
But I hold on to the promise 
he told me 
Said we gone we live forever 
Thats where i wanna be peace

Young Parker

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