Hello 2019. New Year resolutions
Your predecessor left me with a whole lotta confusion
Hoped it was an illusion but even when we do dream
We wake up with spinning tops cause it’s realer than what it seemed
It’s funny how a society who has trouble committing
Is so big on being resolved and swearing God is their witness
I’m hearing a lotta static. Im praying this year is clearer.
Been foggy on every path, but I’m breaking all of my mirrors.
Cause they put on weight, right?
Just like cameras and aunties pies
And instead of trusting my eyes
I’m learning to trust in God
And I’m sorry to all my dreams, I’ve had to let you go
Cause fantasy is pretty but reality is how you gon’ grow.
So here we go. Edgar Allen Poe They ask me if I’m afraid. I say nevermore. So here we go. Edgar Allen Poe. They ask me. So I quote the Raven- nevermore.

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